Time slowed. My hair swung into my line of sight, whishing over my shoulders, moments after the car behind me slammed into my back bumper.

I managed to not lose control of my car. I pulled over, shaking.

If you’d told me the day of my accident that it would mark the start of the happiest chapter of my life, I would have thought you were insane.

And I’m not going to lie- it took me years before I felt that way.

But I’ve learned so much through dealing with chronic pain…

  • How to prioritize the things that are truly important
  • How to treat myself with kindness
  • How to measure my value with a different, gentler yardstick

It is so easy to lose hope once illness or injury has struck. It can feel like your world has changed for the worse overnight.

The pain is real. The suffering doesn’t have to be.

I hope that, together, we can help you find your way through the challenging days ahead.

Days that, over time, can get easier.

Days that can increasingly be filled with happiness.

Welcome to the ouchsquad.

Wishing you peace and comfort on this journey,